Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here's a view of what the inside looks like where the first and the second section meet. And there I am to give you some scale of how tall two sections are...about halfway there! Stay tuned, I hope it's going to go fast from here on up!

To prepar for the second section, I lay newspaper flat on the first one. I create some really fat coils that have a right angle on one corner to be on the inside of the ring on the second section. I let the coils set up until they are leather hard, so they won't stick too much to the newspaper. I go ahead and put the second coil and start shaping it to be flush with the first section.

Finishing off the first section!

Here is the top of the first section. I created a flange where the second section can rest and have a flat bottom to sit in the kiln. The inner oval is a loosely supported slab that will help with the top rim warping during the firing.

Stage 1

Here's the first section! (I forgot to take pics at the beginning...oops) This is a little under 2ft tall. The souls in relief and carved in are made as I built it up. I made stencils out of paper to trace onto the clay as I work my way up so they will be proportional.

How to Start...

I decided I wanted to do a sketch to scale to create this life-sized soul. The sketch is approximately 6ft tall. This will give me a guideline to see the proportions and contours as I build it rather that just guessing and getting something kind of wonky.